How DeskHoppa Works

We've designed DeskHoppa to be as easy as possible. All it takes is three easy steps to find a location to work at.


Search Locations

Just do a basic search of which location you want to work in, when you want to go and how many hours you want to stay.


Send Your Booking Request

Most hosts automatically accept your booking request, all you have to do is pay.


Check In With Your Host

You'll receive booking confirmation and a check in code via email or via our mobile app. All you need to do is arrive and your host will check you in.

Why Use DeskHoppa?

DeskHoppa enables you to find a desk within our network of host companies. Instead of paying for monthly co-working space fees that you may never use, with DeskHoppa you can location a desk and pay for the number of hours you need. Working in a city that's new to you? Use DeskHoppa to find a location where you can work without resorting to a noisy cafe or bar.

Safe, Quiet and Secure Spaces to Work

We believe that when you're working in an office then your productivity is better than working in a noisy space like a cafe or bar. DeskHoppa gives you an environment that makes it easier to make calls to your customers and collegues, it's also better in terms of protection of your and your business' ideas and intellectual property. DeskHoppa host provides you a more secure workspace and avoids the potential for laptop and phone theft.

Businesses! Become a Desk Host

All it takes is one desk within your office and you can become a DeskHoppa Desk Host. Enable freelancers, programmers and other content creators in to your office to work peacefully and securely. You get to set your own price and availability. With our management tools we make the whole process of increasing your revenue easy.

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