Why host on DeskHoppa

All it takes is one desk and you can start hosting on DeskHoppa. Open up your space and enable freelancers, creatives, developers and content creators work in your office.

Within your profile you can set the opening times and the days you operate and list all the features available to guests at your listing.

Guest Verification

We appreciate that you want to know about your guests, we collect various information on our guests and you can review any booking requests before they are paid for. You have full control of who works in your space.

Start Hosting In Three Easy Steps


Create Your Listing

It's free to create your listing. You can list your features, your open times and how many desks you have available.


Set Your Price

You are in full control of your hourly rate for a desk. Block hour discounts are also supported. If you need help then we're on hand to help you.


Greet Your Guests

You have full control over who you let in to your offices, or if you prefer you can automate it.



You Set The Rate

The price you set for your hourly rate is up to you. For guests wanting to spend time with you then you can offer block hour discounts. You manage this from your DeskHoppa management console.

Low Fees

It's free to list on DeskHoppa and craft your listing. Our fees are competitive and we only ask for 4% of your booking price to cover our services.

Getting Paid

We pay you every calendar month by direct bank transfer and a full report of your bookings and payments for the period.

About DeskHoppa

What Is DeskHoppa?

DeskHoppa connects freelancers, content creators, developers and remote workers with a place to work. Not everyone wants to work in a cafe or crowded space. By hosting a desk on DeskHoppa you let professionals have a secure and friendly place to work for a short time, giving them increased productivity and a better work experience.

What's a Host?

A DeskHoppa host is a business, company, serviced office or co-working space that is able to let you work for a number of hours on the day the guest requires. Guests only pay for the time that they've booked. There are no monthly fees or commitments, guests pay by the hour with the rates that you've set.