DeskHoppa - Terms and Conditions

Terms for Hosts Using DeskHoppa

Creating a Listing through the DeskHoppa Platform you must

  1. provide complete and accurate information about your Host Service (such as listing description, location and availability),
  2. provide any other information requested by DeskHoppa. You are responsible for keeping your Listing information up-to-date at all times.

You are solely responsible for setting a price, including any applicable taxes, for your Listing. Once a Guest requests a booking of your Listing, you may not request that the Guest pays a higher price than in the booking request.

Pictures used in your Listings must accurately reflect the quality and condition of your Host Services. DeskHoppa reserves the right to require that Listings have a minimum number of Images of a certain format, size and resolution.

The placement and ranking of Listings in search results on the DeskHoppa Platform may vary and depend on a variety of factors, such as Guest search parameters and preferences, Host requirements, price and availability, number and quality of Images, customer service and cancellation history, Reviews and Ratings, type of Host Service, and/or ease of booking. DeskHoppa reserve the right to alter any algorithms or processes relating to placement and ranking of the Host’s listing.

When you accept or have pre-approved a booking request by a Guest, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the Guest and are required to provide your host services to the Guest as described in your Listing when the booking request is made. You also agree to pay the applicable Host Fee and any applicable Taxes.

While it is not a requirement of DeskHoppa for Hosts to provide a guest network for online access to guest, if Hosts decide to offer this as a Feature of their Listing.

  1. The network must be secure and not give access to any part of the host’s company network, assets or data.
  2. DeskHoppa is not responsible for any loss of data, intellectual property or sensitive information in relation to the Host’s day-to-day professional activities.